Travel Memory

This is your chance to visit some of the most spectacular touristic attractions in the world, the most representative ones for different corners of the globe! Moreover,, while enjoying your tour, as a virtual tourist, you'll get the chance to work your memory skills, too! Turn on those on-screen round shaped cards and see what famous building, sculpture or statue hides behind each one of them! Make sure to memorize them, for you'll be challenge to remember where you've last seen the Eiffel tour or the Pisa tower or the Stature of Liberty, for you'll need to pair the identical monuments two by two. Click and flip over, click and flip over and challenge your memory skills to help you make all those lucky matches, ensuring you the chance to get to the next level and... work your memory skills, as one player who adores traveling so much, to the maximum! If you think you've already played the most engaging online memory games, wait until you face this challenge here!


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