Traditional Clothes Dressup

For their latest collections, designers have proved that their main source of inspiration were the traditional clothes. We couldn't agree with them more, since this costumes look as fabulous as the ones you can find in thetraditional clothes dress up game!

Any respectable stylista must have in her closet one of those shirts of Chinese inspiration or one of those Indian, shawls. Playing the traditional clothes dress up game you get to learn some more about each country's specific costumes and how you could adapt them to your trendy, cool outfits. What country would you prefer to start with? USA ? Perfect! Give a click on the flag there, and there you have a splendid, long dress, with all sort of lace embroideries. It looks even more stylish when you add a pair of chic gloves and an elegant, little hat. Have you ever imagined that the kind of dresses you grand-grandmother used to wear were so great? You can also try dressing up the girl on your screen with, colorful, Indian traditional clothes. She looks as a stylish Indian girl, wearing a traditional costume, which ,as a matter of fact, could easily be adapted to modern fashion and transformed in a breath taking night gown.

From traditional fashion, let's make a huge step to space fashion. A quite major change of style, isn't it? Well, let me tell you that the girl martian cannot be underestimated when it comes to their exquisite fashion style. Just check out the girl in theSerenity dress up game !





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