Tinkerbell Car Wash

Oh, no, this is awful! Lovely Tinkerbell has parked her car in front of that fancy beauty and spa center that she goes to on a regular basis, and now that she's come out, determined to drive it back home, she's discovered that her car is a total mess. Well, in fact, you're encouraged, at the beginning of the game, to contribute to this mess by throwing rotten tomatoes at it, making another car speed drive by and splash mud all over it, making a flying eagle get it even dirtier and so on. Now, it's time to help sweet Tinkerbell take her car to the automatic car wash and contribute to its major makeover yourself, too! Click on each one of the category tabs on top of your screen and get her awfully dirty car watered, covered in bubbly shampoo, washed through and through, rinsed off, polished and so on till you restore its old spotless, shiny look! Is this one of the catchiest free simulation games online or what?



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