Time To Clean Up

Only a wish fairy could help lovely Anna here get her house all sparkly clean again, after that fun slumber party last evening, right on time, just before her parents arrive home! Well, how would you like to play the role of a wish fairy getting the time to clean up management game started?

You should definitely start your major room clean up mission with Anna's bedroom. It sure is messy, but not for long. Just use your mouse to pick up all the stuffed toys, clothes and books scattered all over the floor, responding to all the challenges you have in the time to clean up management game, and on the unmade bed and nicely arrange them in the closet, on the bookshelves, in the toy box, trying to figure out which are the best places in the room to place them in. So, how about those stylish pink pants and that fancy evening dress? They should definitely go on one of the hangers there, in the closet, as well as the glamorous heels, which should not be laying there, on the floor, but be nicely arranged on one of the bottom shelves of the closet. Next, make sure you place all the books on the bookshelves, playing this fun onlinebig house cleaning game, and that no toy is left there, on the carpet. Don't forget to make the bed and get all those socks there, too, picked up and placed where they should be placed. Good job, you, now are you ready to clean up the other rooms in the house, too, doubling the fun you're having playing this big house clean up game!

Play the time to clean up management game and discover that cleaning up can turn out to be so surprisingly fun, then have some more fun enjoying some lovelycelebrity dress up games, too, on our website!

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