Thea's Spa Room

It's already one of the most exclusive, most popular beauty centers, in town, but wait until you give it a brand new, fancy chic decor look! Then, it's sure to be crowded with customers looking forward to relaxing and benefiting from all those famous beauty treatments in such a stylish décor! Play the Thea's spa room decoration game and use your talent as an interior designer!

A cozy chic ambiance in any spa room is given by all those chic pieces of furniture that the room is decorated with, right? What style would you prefer? Will you go for futuristic type of furniture, for a modern couch, for boldly printed night stands and neon colored shelves? Maybe you like the girly chic, slightly romantic interiors? Great! Then some cozy puffs, some candy pink, flower pattern pieces of furniture and a nice rug is sure to be to your liking! Don't forget about all those tiny items that will complete the relaxing, cozy atmosphere in the spa room. I'm talking here about the gorgeous plants and all those incenses that will make you feel like you've just stepped into a corner of paradise hidden in the crowded city, the moment you step into Thea's spar room. Enjoy!

A truly gifted interior designer like you definitely likes to play room decoration games online right? Then why not be a picky one, too, and select only the best of them?

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