The Perfect Proposal

What if you had the power to turn some lovely lovebirds into some happy fiances, would you use that magic superpower? Well, handsome Milo here is counting on your skills as a little Cupid, you know! He's planning to propose to his dashing sweetheart, Mia, and he hopes you could team up with him and help him create that whole romantic scenario he has in mind for this special occasion. Get The Perfect Proposal, one of your future top favorite wedding games for girls, started then and be Milo's helper as he carries out all the tasks he needs to complete before he asks Mia to marry him!

The first task on Milo's busy list with things to be done before the proposal: stopping by the jewelry store for buying the perfect bling bling ring for his beloved one! Once you start this game you actually step into the shoes of the lovely stop assistant, herself, facing the challenge of attending to all the incoming costumers, bringing them them the jewels, the boxes of bonbons and flowers they'd like to surprise their sweethearts with. Once you've completed this mini-game and Milo has bought the dreamlike ring for Mia, go back to his unique, jaws-dropping cave-home (Milo sure is a really eccentric young man, you'll surely agree) and help him style it up, getting it a cozier, so very romantic chic d├ęcor look! Isn't this one of the most surprisingly addictive wedding games for girls you've ever played? Mix and match flower petals with fur rugs, stone made furniture, bottles of champagne, lovely chic lamps and boxes of chocolate candies, creating the perfect setting for the big moment to come. Next, style up handsome Milo, as well, sweeping through his huge collection of elegant, smart-looking suits and keeping in mind to spice them up with... boldly colored ties, hipsterish chic beards and funky, boldly colored eyeglases. Once you've helped him dress to impress, go on and help him kiss his future fiance, Mia, without getting caught by her intruding parents. Enjoy!

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