The Ghosts Dressup

They make such a lovely, happy family. OK, so what if they live in a haunted, deserted castle and they can float through walls? They're so friendly and pleasant and they're so ready for you to give them the ultimate Halloween makeover and get them all styled up for their favorite day of the year. Have fun with your three new ghostly friends playing the ghosts dress up game!

Hmmm, should we say “ladies first” and start with the ghost mama or should we begin with the kid ghost and get him a funny, original Halloween look? Start the ghost dress up game by choosing the funny ghost to start your special fashion show with, then feel free to rummage through their special holiday wardrobe and see what scary-funny looks you can put together! A nice flowery cape for the ghost lady would be just perfect, paired with a lovely starry hat and a pair of clear blue eyes, don't you think? Now, as for the youngest member of this spooky family, you could dress up the baby ghost with a cool bright green cape and pick him a funny looking blue hat, as for the color of his eyes, I'm sure you'll make the right decision and pick him a pair of eyes to match his awesome kiddo Halloween look! Father ghost is ready to show off his amazing Halloween brooms collection, so have a look while playing the ghosts dress up game and pick the funkiest one, the one that would best complete his spectacular, stylish Halloween costume!

The ghosts dress up game will definitely send chills up your spine and bring up a huge smile on your face, too! Be this one-of-a-kind, ghastly family's personal fashion stylist before the big Halloween night arrives!

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