The Boyfriend

I'm sure you already know how your perfect Prince Charming would have to look like, but do you know what clothes he'd have to wear to sweep you off your feet? Then, for some precious inspiration, take a glance at this teen hotty stylish warder playing the boyfriend dress up game!

He is by far the most fashionable boy in his school, always in style, always well informed about the newest fashion trends! Therefore, you should definitely get ready to see a really impressive designer clothes collection when you start rummaging though his closet! From funny print t-shirts, to chic tank top, sporty hoodies, fancy jackets, baggy pants and sports pants, you'll find only the trendiest male clothing items in this funboy fashion dress up game! Now, what look should he flaunt at that major date he's getting ready for and impress his new girlfriend with? You could dress up the handsome boyfriend with a pair of comfy short pants, pair them with a nice t-shirt and a fancy vest, maybe add just a little bit of sparkle, too, (only a bit), getting him a nice earring and maybe a chic necklace, too. What do you think? Don't stop after the first fashion look you will have put together pairing the stylish clothing items and jaw-dropping accessories you have in the boyfriend dress up game. See whether some nice, comfy baggy pants, paired with a nice print t-shirt or maybe a stylish jacket would make him look even more handsomely chic, then try accessorizing his chic teen fashion look with a sporty cool cap and some fancy sporty shoes, too. Can this look be a winner, the one that will leave his beautiful date mouth-opened? Oh, yes, don't forget about the star accessory that will complete and instantly upgrade his look: the stylish sunglasses. You have a nice sunglasses collection to look through playing this greatboy dress up game, so do your best to select the perfect ones to style up his cool outfit with!

Play the boyfriend dress up game and get this teen boy the look to impress his girlfriend with on their very romantic date!

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