The Bad Student

If you think that she's a straight A, very docile, student, simply fascinated with all those math, chemistry or biology classes, always looking forward to learning more then... you're wrong! This student is nothing of that sort and shell do anything else in class except paying attention to what her teacher is telling them. Play the bad student skills game and make sure that she doesn't get caught while she's doing anything else but... learning!

Bla, bla, bla, formula, bla bla H20 bla bla molecular... boooring... at least for our naught student here all the classes in school get her so... sleepy! Thank God that there's always something more funto do that listening to what the teacher is lecturing. How about... waxing or maybe fancying about that handsome boy in school, imaging that she's kissing him like in all those romantic movies that she's seen or how about doing her nails for a change? Pick the “forbidden in class” type of activities that you'd like to help this bad student perform, while in class, clicking on the category tabs there, on the right side of your screen, and then clicking the left mouse button or the arrow keys as indicated in the tutorials popping up on your screen. Have you ever played online skills games for girls with funnier themes or a more engaging gameplay than this one? There will be a lot of typing on the phone, a lot of nail polishing, cotton candy eating and so on, today, and no one will even notice it, not even the morose teacher, if you're quick enough to click the “X” on your screen each time she's approaching our naughty student's desk here!

Play the bad student skills game and rely on your reaction times for helping this cutie have tones of fun while in class, but without getting caught and grounded by her teacher!

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