Teena's Hotel

It's cute Teena's first day of work at this fancy,.l five star hotel. There will be a lot of clients guiding to their rooms, a lot of food trays carrying and laundry picking from the rooms which have just been emptied, that poor Teena would need either a good magic fairy to help her do all those things in due time or a reliable skillful fiend like... you to help her. In one word, this game is much more challenging and much more engaging than all the hotel management games that you might have tried before! Get the Teena's hotel management game started and get ready to greet the first customer entering this luxury hotel. Pick one of the available rooms, then... be quick to give Teena a helping hand the moment the client would like to take his supper in his room and he calls room service, or the moment he'll have to leave the hotel and would like to pay for the services you've skillfully provided Good luck on your first day at the hotel, you two!

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