Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends

Although she's utterly charming and drop-dead gorgeous, it sure looks like Taylor Swift's love life hasn’t been only rainbows and butterflies, so far. She's been through some major breakups and so our golden haired beauty's come up with some truly nasty recent plans to get back on her 3 ex boyfriends. Willing to unleash the devilish side of you and to lend her a helping hand for carrying them out? The fist “victim”on Taylor Swift's list: Harry Styles! Since she knows just how much he loved wearing shirts, she's thinking about... cutting some of his favorite ones. So, grab your onscreen scissors and use them as indicated to you in the game, ruining Harry's favorite fashion items! Is this like one of the coolest Taylor Swift games for girls online or what! Next, Taylor has an even nastier task to complete: making Harry jealous. Pick the male celeb that she could spread the news that she might be dating (I'm thinking here about Justin Bieber or maybe handsome Zayn Malik...) and let the paparazzi do the rest. Next, how about ripping some of all those pictures featuring Taylor and Harry as some happy lovebirds?

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