Tara's Fashion Boutique

Tara's just opened her luxury fashion boutique, the only one in town where all those fancy stylistas can buy exclusively fashion items and jewels signed by famous designers. So, as you can imagine, today this place will be overcrowded with clients and Tara's desperately needs a shop assistant to help her attend to them all. Apply for this job and turn yourself into Tara's efficient right hand paying attention to the wish bubbles popping up above each one of the those clients' heads, the moment they step into the boutique. Depending on the item she'd like to buy, guide her to the clothes stand, to the shoe stand or to the jewelry displays corner. Once they there, make sure to help your clients try on the items that they're dying to buy and voila: you've just helped Tara earn her first money as this fancy boutique's owner! The sure are plenty of shop simulation games online, but you will certainly agree that this game here is one of the most fast-paced ones!

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