Suzies Trip

OK, so the great summer vacation destination has been carefully selected, the tickets have been bought, so all there's left to do to make sure and Suzie and her best friend will be having the time of their lives on their fun-filled trip is to pack the perfect trendy chic summer outfits, too. Get the cutie trend Suzie's trip dress up game started and help this sweetie look super stylish in all of her summer vacation photos!

Suzie's been waiting for you, yo know, there, in her dressing room, in front of her closet, undecided about the right clothes and accessories to pack in her suitcase. There are lovely, girly chic sundresses to pick from, stylish bathing suits, trendy chic printed tops and pretty looking miniskirts to select from, playing the cutie trend Suzie's trip dress up game, so do your bet to pick the most stylish ones and create some really chic summer fashion looks for Suzie here! Since she decided to be the most stylish tourist there, in that great city or summer resort shes picked for her summer vacation, you simply cannot neglect selecting some pretty summer accessories, too, while you're playing this lovelytravel girl dress up game, and add to her chic outfits. Some diva-like big sun glasses, some stylish summer shoes and lovely, ladylike summer hats, from the ones you have in this trendy teen girl dress up game, will no doubt take all of her looks out of the ordinary and help her stand apart from all hose chic tourists there, on the beach or on the streets of the big city she's decided to spend her summer vacation in.

Be these sweetie's fashion consultant playing the cutie trend Suzie dress up game, then play your role as a fashion stylist for one of the most famous red carpet beauty queens!

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