Surprise Party

OMG! Lovely Susan here can't believe it! She's just discovered that her best friends are about to throw her a surprise birthday party, they'll be greeting her right in front of her house. Quick, there's not time to lose: Susan, too, would love to surprise her friends with her new lovely chic birthday girl look! Help her try on some of her chic dresses, going either for her so very adorable pink bubble one or for her lovely cute flouncy, polka doted one, then pulling off some sweet fashion combos for her, as well! You could, for instance, pair her chic off-shoulder blouse with her white skinny jeans, and, for a touch of bright color, add some bold red ribbon flats to her look or go for her chic strappy, vivid green top pairing it with her sheer blue, belted miniskirt and definitely a statement beaded necklace, too. Get all the fashion inspiration that you need as you style up this birthday cutie here, enjoying one of the loveliest girl dress up games online!


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