Surprise Kiss

Aren't they adorable! This couple sure gets lots and lots of looks full of admiration and of envy, why not. They never miss one chance to give each other sweet kisses and they sure love surprising one another with sudden kisses. Style them up so that they can look their best in all those romantic photos they'll take in this photo booth, playing the surprise kiss dress up game!

Would you like to start this couple styling up session with the gorgeous young lady? The great news is that she already has such a stylish sophisticated wardrobe and accessories collection for you to dig through! Take out one-shoulder ladylike dresses, from the ones you have in this cuteromantic girl dress up game, chic animal print strapless dresses and get her an elegant, sophisticated look to dazzle her handsome boyfriend with. That's not all! Look through her stylish belted blouses, while you're playing the surprise kiss dress up game, through her chic heart printed bow tie shorts and polka dotted shirts and use your fashion talent to pair them with stylish, elegant pants and stylish skirts. A chic hairstyle, a lovely hair color and this sophisticated girl is ready to receive her sweet kiss in style. Still, in order for their romantic photos to look awesome, her boyfriend too, needs to look jaw droopingly stylish. Get him, too, a chic shirt, playing this lovely couple dress up game, or a stylish cardigan, then don't forget to pick a trendy chic haircut for him, too, and in no time he'll be so ready to impress his date with his look and leave her breathless with a kiss!

Play the surprise kiss dress up game and be this lovely couple's fashion stylist, then look for other gorgeous models waiting there, online, for you to use your fashion skills on them, too! Pick out of all the hundreds ofdress up gamesavailable on our site!

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