Super Character Female

Every little girl dreams of becoming a super girl. However, the supergirl dress up game gives little girls the opportunity to see their dream come true. Start the supergirl dress up with adding some color to the skin; it may be blue or green or lighter or darker. Go on with the hair: the styles that are available are amazing, plus the colors are changeable. The suit may be an overall, or may be lighter and also available in different colors. Add some patterns to the suit; the patterns are also available in several colors and styles. Choose the symbol for the supergirl dress up, or you may skip this part if you prefer. You can continue this wonderwoman dress up game with some eye wear. The glasses are in numerous styles and colors, suitable for a superhero.

A superhero is nothing without a mask, so make sure you choose a suitable mask for the supergirl dress up. The next step in the wonderwoman dress up game is to adorn the arms and the legs of the superhero. Last but not least, choose a cape that will define the personality of your superhero. You may as well choose some wings instead of a cape.

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