Super Barbie Washing Capes

If you think that superheroines, like gorgeous Super Barbie here, could not possibly be having “laundry days”, too, then you're wrong, so wrong! Today is the dashing blonde superheroine's day of doing laundry and since she has no superpowers when it comes to washing clothes, she'd be happy to have a reliable assistant like you! So, step into Super Barbie's bathroom and help her sort her laundry first of all into colored and white outfits. Just drop all her colored capes into the “colored” laundry basket, and the white ones into the “white” laundry basket. Then, start placing the colored clothes into the washing machine, pour the laundry detergent and the fabric softener, as well, and... turn it on. It sure is one of the most engaging of all the new Barbie games for girls that you've recently enjoyed! Once Super Barbie's has taken all the laundry out, how about lending her a helping hand for hanging them on the clothesline, as well? This step will be followed by the fresh clean laundry's ironing one!


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