Super Barbie Saving the City

Super Barbie (and her brave little pooch) is ready to save the day! The city that she lives in has just got invaded by some trouble-making villains and she's determined to confront them and to turn her peaceful city into a nice and safe place to live in again. For this major confrontation she definitely needs your fashion superpowers in order to get her a spectacular, confidence-boosting look! There's no time to waste, those villains must be stopped, so you'd better hurry up and get her superheroine dresses collection scanned! Would you go for her lovely chic, flouncy pink dress, with a cool leather belt or rather for her baby doll, full-skirt corset bodice one? Next, style up her look with an eye mask, in a lovely, candylike color, get her a fabulous cape, as well (for we couldn't be talking about a superheroine without a cape, right?) and then focus on her fearless little pet, too!

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