Super Barbie Resurrection Emergency

If you think that superheroines and superheros could no possibly suffer from all kinds of medical problems, well then you'd better think again! Take gorgeous Super Barbie, for instance, who's passed out as she was up in the air, returning home from a major confrontation with some villains threatening to take over the world! Our super beauty's in the emergency room as we speak and guess who's giving her first aid: princess Corinne herself! Or course, Super Barbie's cousin is counting on you to help her resuscitate the patient! The first medical instrument to grab should be the one use for manual ventilation. Place it on the super princess's face and wait for it to do its magic, next help Corinne do some CPR on her cousin, moving your cursor along the bright red onscreen arrow, next... You'll surely agree that this is one of the catchiest games from all the new Barbie doctor games that you've recently enjoyed! Keep using the indicated tools, including the oxygen mask and the defibrillator and you'll witness the “miracle”: Barbie's resuscitation. Next, you'll need to hurry up to administer her the treatment meant to help her regain her strength and energy asap!

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