Sunset Dressup

Don't you love sunsets? You can just feel there a romantic perfume in the air, the sky is flames and you just feel the need to celebrate these moments wearing some incredible outfit! There are some incredible ideas for you in the sunset dress up game!

Meet Clara, a very romantic, stylish girl, who is all into that very feminine, slightly retro style. Play thesunset dress up game and you get to know all about her unique style. Being a romantic type of girl, she just loves old, romantic movies, jazz music and sunsets. For her one of her walks at her favorite hour of the day, you can dress her up, with simple clicks on your mouse, with one of those vintage, full, polka dot skirts, the kind of the50's dress up and you can add her one of those chic scarves for her hair. She looks like a real stylish little lady. Playing the unset stroll game you are free to come up with the most original combinations. How about a pair of ankle length retro tights and a low necked pretty top? She just needs a pair of big sunglasses and the vintage look is completed. The background is also remarkable! You will surely appreciate it playing the sunset stroll game! She looks like a gorgeous movies star in classic old movie!

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