Stylish Police Woman

Helen is no doubt one of the most fashionable law defenders there, in the streets! In order to boost her self-confidence before each one of her thieves chasing and traffic laws offenders punishment sessions she would always make sure that she's wearing a top stylish police woman outfit. How about helping her get ready for work today? Scan through her navy blue colored police lady shirts and come up with some chic outfit combos pairing them with high waist, matchy short pants, long pants or miniskirts and looking for cool accessories, such as a fancy police girl hat or maybe some... handcuffs and some stylish heels, too, and get her the look that will help her get all the attention with while out in the streets, spreading justice! From all the new dress up games that you've recently had the chance to play, isn't this one featuring an out-of-the-ordinary type of theme? You could also opt for a fancy stylish short or knee-length belted dress and some funky lace-up boots, a chic haircut, too, and our highly fashionable police lady will be chasing bad guys in... great style today!


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