Stylish Cat Dressup

When we think of cats we cannot help thinking about their cute little faces when they welcome us home, their funny purr when we stroke them on the back of their necks and so on. Believe it or not, after you have played thestylish cat pet game, you will surely think of incredibly chic little outfits once the word "cat" crosses your mind.

Meet William the Cat! In his neighborhood he is known also as William the Posh Cat, for his outfits are always the most stylish ones from all of his cat buddies. You can find them all displayed on the panel you have on the left side of the screen. Dress up this chic tomcat with an elegant, mauve shirt with the stylish tie already attached to it, then click on the next tab and style up his outfit choosing a top hat . There, this elegant cat will surely catch the attention of all the pretty pussycats in his neighborhood! The funny thing about the stylish cat pet game is that you have the chance to choose the kind of look your cat model should adopt. For a night out with his tom cats buddies, you could go for a more urban-punk look, choosing him a funky t-shirt and a cool earring. Oh, don't forget about the punk hairdo, either. What clothes do you think he would wear if he was to play the role of a cat wizard in a famous cartoon series?

Speaking of wizards, let me tell you there are a few little witches, who know some secret spells which they use when combining clothes and accessories into some marvelous outfits. TakeCassandra the witch for example!



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