Squirrel Fly

Girls, meet Tootsie, an adventurous little squirrel! Sky is the limit for this cutie, you know, this is why she's decided to spicy up her life in this frozen land by... embarking on a gas balloon flying little adventure! Will you join her and... watch her back, too, of course? Use your left and right arrow keys for controlling the balloons that you little friend rides in, making sure it avoids all the massive icy rocks floating there, in the horizon, and that it actually bumps into all the glittery golden stars and yummy peanuts floating there, as well! Skilfully guide your squirrel's balloon, quickly moving it left or right, squeezing it through all those rocks, helping your tiny furry friend reach maximum height as it explores the sky in her multicolored little balloon! Don't forget to help her collect as many of those precious bonuses as possible, as well!

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