Spongebob at the Dentist

Are you as scared of the dentist as cute Spongebob here? Then you could easily step into his shoes now and totally understand just how dreadful the idea of going to the dentist is for the poor buddy! What would you say about you playing the role of cute Spongebob's doctor? You could be the one fixing his teeth, filling in cavities (and he sure has a lot of those), whitening his teeth, removing all those nasty stains, extracting the severely damaged ones, and so on. Use all those dental tools like a true pro' and get goofy cute Spongebob some flawlessly looking, healthy teeth. Then, surprise him with a tooth decoration session, too! If you play free dentist games online each time you have somespare time at your disposal, you'll instantly come to the conclusion that this is one of the catchiest ones you've ever played!


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