Spider Web Nails

Getting invited to one of the most exclusive Halloween party in school sure is a challenge, a Halloween fashion challenge! Since this charming teen girl here would very much like to turn herself into the ultimate center of attention of the night and outshine all those spooky stylish vampire, ghost or devil teen girls there, she's decided to pay great, great attention to the tiny details which would easily upgrade and get any Halloween look out of the ordinary, like some... spider web nails! Get ready to have your creativity as a nail artist tested when it comes to mixing and matching all those sharp nail polish colors or daringly patterned nail polishes, all those bold Halloween-ish nail stickers, statement rings and bracelets, but not before you've given her a super polish manicure, after you've pampered her face skin, too. If nail games for girls are one of your top favorite types of girl games, then you're the “expert” to give this creativity-challenging one here the very best review. Depending on the Halloween nail design look that you will have put together, come up with a unique, fancy-scary Halloween fashion look, too!


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