Spa Salon Slacking

Suzie's made one of her biggest dreams come true: she's got hired, as a beauty expert, at one of the most luxurious, most exclusive spa & beauty centers in the city. Still, although she loves her job, now and then she gets bored, waiting for all those lotions to soak into her customer's skin, and she feels like slacking, even though she's well aware that she's not allowed to while attending to a customer. Do you think you could help her have some fun during all those long, long boring waiting sessions? Then have some popping some bubbles and balloons, you two, applying an energizing, skin-perfecting fruity mask on cute Suzie' face, helping her upgrade her manicure with some adorably chic, eye-catching nail stickers, put together a gorgeous flower bouquet to liven up the salon with, eat a tasty pretzel when she gets a bit hungry and so on. Whenever you spot those exclamation marks popping up on your screen, you should know that Suzie risks to get caught by her customer and so that she should stop slacking for a couple of seconds. You will certainly agree that this is probably one of those fun slacking games that really put your reaction times to a major test!



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