Sofia the First Bedroom Decor

Cute princess Sofia the First has decided to redecorate her royal bedroom and she invites you into her kingdom, into her palace, for lending her a helping hand with that! So, do your best to impress her with your room decorating skills and creativity! Pick a chic night stand first, then continue with the big princess bed's selection, liven up princess Sofia' room with a lovely colored carpet, too, and pay great attention to the stylish shelves or to the closet's selection, too! Next, remember to add a lovely chic shoe rack to the bedroom's new décor, as well, and to opt for some super pretty bed sheets, too. Would you go for the cute polka dotted ones or rather for the sweet candylike pink, flowers patterned one instead? Then, a comfy chic armchair is sure to add even more loveliness to princess Sofia the First's new bedroom décor!

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