Sofia Eye Care

Pretty princess Sofia's mom, the queen herself, is so worried for her sweet pumpkin: the little one has been having some alarming vision problems these days! Now, how does the idea of being the royal cutie's eye doctor sound to you? Since she really needs a complete eye exam asap, you'd better hurry up to put on your doctor robe and carry out all the major vision tests! Start with the near vision one and see how quickly and accurately you can recognize the geometrical figures popping up on the left side of the screen! Once you've recognized them, be quick to select them from the toolbar you have there, on the opposite side of the screen! Next, test cute princess Sofia's distance vision accuracy, as well! See if you can recognize the highlighted letters that you have there, on the left side panel, then be quick to type them into that case on the right side of the screen. Is this like one of the catchiest online eye care games that you've ever played or what! Keep up the good work, carry out a duochrome test, too, an ophthalmoscopy one, as well, till you get to the very final step of this eye exam: the frames' selection!


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