Soak Up The Sun

This dashing upper class young lady has been waiting for these sunny days of summer for so long... She used to imagine herself laying on an exotic sandy beach or walking, bare footed, through the soft sand along the crystal blue sea, passing by the gorgeous vivid green palm trees....Now her dreams are about to come true, so she must look so very stylish, form head to toe, when she actually brings her summer dreams into her real world. Ready to go through all of her lovely chic bathing suits and stylish beach outfits playing the soak up the sun dress up game?

You have to know, before you style up this gorgeous beach beauty queen for her first sunbathing session this year, getting the soak up the sun dress up game started, that she'll be competing with some of the most fashionable high society mademoiselles there, in this exotic summer resort. Therefore, don't be afraid of picking the most boldly patterned bathing suits, some statement accessories, too, while you're enjoying thisbeach dress up game, such as wide brimmed ladylike hats and resplendent sparkly accessories. If it's for a fun beach cocktail party that you're getting her all glamed up, feel free to dig through her lovely chic full skirt dresses, through her ladylike knee-length frocks and so on, and see which one of her stylish outfits is most likely to help her stand out from the crowd of upper class beauties there, on the beach. A refined, see-through scarf on her shoulders, an elegant low ponytail and some colorful, strappy, high heeled sandals, picked from the posh ones that you have in the soak up the sun dress up game, are just some of the his class fashion items that you could consider for putting together her sophisticated beach summer look.

Get all the inspiration that you need for putting together your own summer holiday wardrobe, playing the soak up the sun dress up game, then get inspired for creating your future winning summer make up looks playing some of our bestmake up games. Have fun!

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