Sleeping Princess

Once upon a time, in the fantasy world, locked in a magical castle, there lived a dashing princess cursed by an evil witch to sleep and sleep for hours, days years on end till a Charming Prince would come and wake her up with a kiss. Till then, make sure you make her look even prettier that she already does, so that she can dazzle her prince away, picking out of all the princess dresses and accessories put at your disposal in the sleeping princess dress up game!

Isn't she gorgeous, there, having her everlasting beauty sleep, locked in her magical chamber! If, to her lovely looks you add some fantasy fashion style, too, getting this fairytale dress up game started, then the Princes Charming to come will surely get stunned the very first moment he lays eyeson her! Dress her up with long, corset bodice princess gowns, looking through of all her rosy pink and polka dotted evening gowns, see how a full skirt ball gown would look on her, then make sure you cover her up in glitter, from head to toes, playing this lovelyprincess dress up game. A glittery tiara is sure to highlight her beautiful long hair, whereas some diamond earrings and a resplendent diamond necklace would enhance her gorgeous features. Nowe, continue the sleeping princess dress up game with the selection of a gorgeous flower bouquet that would add so much loveliness to her chic fantasy look and of the most preciously looking exquisite type of princess heels to complete her magical look with! She's so ready to leave her prince mouth-opened, don't yo think?

Play the sleeping princess dress up game and take a trip to the fairytale world! Then, go on a journey to the fairytale underwater world, too, enjoying some of our bestmermaid dress up games!

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