Skater Girl Dress Up

The summer vacation is not just a chance to hit the beach or an amazing opportunity for going on long, long shopping marathons and buy those trendy chic fashion items to update her summer wardrobe with! For this energetic, non-conformist teen girl here is a major chance to spend a lot of time in the skate park, practicing her latest techniques, from dawn to dust! She's getting ready to go out and show off her recent moves to all her skating friends right now, you know, so what would you say abut boosting her self-confidence before her risky, breathtaking performance, on her dear skateboard, with the help of a funky chic, comfy look with an edge playing the skater girl dress up game?

The weather looks perfect for a fun energy-consuming, adrenaline-rising outing in the skate park! Quick, take a look at all her punk chic tops, deciding whether her strapless purple one or maybe her sheer pink one-shoulder one or her bold red, animal print strappy top would be most likely to help her stand out from the crowd of skating fashionistas gathering in the park! Next, find the coolest pants to pair it with, as well! Is sure is one of those dress up games for girls online which could make your future fashion style guides this summer, isn't it? Go for a pair of comfy chic, punkish short pants, accessorized with a statement belt, then scan through all her funky chic vests, as well, and pick the perfect one for upgrading her skater girl fashion look with! A cool sporty chic cap or a funky Rnb fashion-inspired hat or a dazzling, sequined one, for a boost of unexpected glamour to her look and a pair of hipster chic sneakers or maybe some studded punkish leather boots and she'll be almost ready to ride her skateboard in... style! “Almost”, for there still are a few key, attention-grabbing accessories that you could upgrade her look with: glittery, statement edgy looking diamond earrings and bold, eye-catching necklaces, not to mention the daring type of hairstyles that you could finish off her skater stylista look with! As a dress up games for girls fan, you'll certainly agree that this is one of the most addictive ones you've ever tried! Would you go for a gorgeous wavy hairstyle with attention-grabbing candy pink highlights or rather for a bold asymmetric haircut or maybe for a statement, two-colored geometric haircut instead?

Don't think that this is the only game on our website which could easily turn into a great source of fashion inspiration for you! No such thing: keep browsing through our entire dress up games for girls collection and you'll find plenty of other great ones, as well!

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