Shining Gold Fish

This sure is the luckiest fishy in the world, for he'll have you as his carrying and loving owner, you, who just loves to play pet carrying games online, don't you Would you like to look after this tiny glowing bundle of joy enjoying the shining gold fish management game?

If you're a real animal lover, then you're definitely a true pet carrying games fan, too. Well, this sure is the type of skills game that really puts your love for animals to a test. First, you'll need to prove you could get a dirty aquarium all sparkly clean again moving the cursor as indicated in the game's tutorial, then you'll be challenged to fill in the water tank with fresh water and even decorate it, turning it into such a lovely cute cozy home for your golden fish. Next, after his home is all cleaned up and nicely decorated, how about starting to feed your tiny underwater buddy?

Throw him his yummy worms clicking on the indicated circle there, on top of your screen. Play the shining gold fish management game and see if you're really a skilful, loving fish pet owner!

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