Science Class Potion

Whitney here is super nervous, you know! She's taking her science class exam today and, well, she hasn't paid too much attention in class, nor has she studied enough at home for this test. Do you think you could help her pass it? Her teacher has challenged her and her classmates to remember all those key 4 ingredients which, one put together in test tube, and poured over the soil in a pot, would instantly revive a dry plant, which hasn't been wet in a long, long time! You have several special beakers put at your disposal, go ahead and enjoy playing the role of a wacky scientist and pull offdifferent ingredient combos till you've managed to put together the right formula and to help the dying plant come back to life. It sure is one of those fun games for girls which stands out from the crowd, isn't it? Don't get discouraged if your first attempt don't work, be persevering and don't stop till you succeed to help lovely Whitney here get an A at her science class final exam!


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