School Clean Up

Poor Lilly! Since she was kind of restless during her chemistry class, although her teacher repeatedly warned her that she would get grounded, she now has to get the entire school sparkly clean. Imagine that! Luckily for cute Lilly, she has a magic fairy to help her: you! Get the school clean up game started and help her clean up all that mess in no time!

Look at her now! The poor thing is struggling to clean up her classroom in due time so that she can have the time to focus on all the other dirty, messy areas of the school, too! Help her throw away into the the trash bin all the paper waste, all the banana peels, to nicely place on the teacher's desk all the didactic materials, such as earth globes or blackboard sponges etc, etc. Once her classroom is all sparkly clean, focus on the front yard, too, which looks super, super messy. If you play clean up games online quite often, you will no doubt adore this challenging game here! There are all kinds of items, usually used during the sports class there, scattered all around the lawn, items such as footballs or baseballs, there are lots of books and pencils left behind by pupils after all the open air activities that that attend

ed to and ,of course, plenty of food leftovers, too. Click, click, click, pick them all up and throw them, each, into the right box or dustbin. There definitely are plenty of clean up games online, but if you're a picky player and always go for the most challenging ones of them, you will surely love the selection we've put together for you on our website!


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