School Bus Slacking

Sarah's trip to school this morning was supposed to be super fun, animated with all kinds of nasty tricks that she and her best friend have been planning to play on their classmates, but instead her teacher has imposed Sarah to seat next to a boring boy in her class who won't hesitate to tell on her if she engages in any one of her favorite forbidden activities. Help poor naughty Sarah spice up her trip to school with... a session of throwing food at other kids in the school bus when they aren't looking, with fun sessions of drawing goofy faces on the bus window next to her, of playing one of her favorite “throw an apple at the lunch box” game and so on. You'll see that this is one of the funniest new slacking games that you've tried these days! Whenever her tiny “supervisor” next to her is about to catch Sarah slacking be quick help her regain her quiet little school girl's pose!


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