Sailormoon Crystal

Brave Sailormoon and her equally courageous BFFs are ready to... save the world! Still, before their major confrontation with the evil forces threatening to take over the world, they definitely need to get themselves some spectacular fashion looks. Will you help this squad of fantasy girls dress to... impress all those villains that they'll be facing today? Start with lovely Sailormoon and dig through her collection of pretty, girly pleated skirts, then through her collection of lovely chic sailor shirts and blouses, as well, putting together some pretty fashion combos for her. You could as well opt for a gorgeous full-skirt dress if you want to, why not, who said a girl soul not save the world while sporting a chic dressy look? Next, check out Sailormoon's stylish, colorful tall boots and her spectacular collection of magic wands, as well, and next work your fashion superpowers on the other girls of her team, too!

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