Safari Dress Up

This lovely lady here has always been a big adventurer! She wouldn't say no to any kind of wild expedition, trip or journey to all kinds of unusual corners of the world! Right now she's getting ready to go on a safari, to explore the amazonian jungle and... wear some of her super stylish outfits and accessories specially bought for this amazing journey. If you're curious to check them out or, moreover, if you want to help her while she's trying to decide which ones will be the winning fashion looks that she would definitely have to put together along her trip, feel free to get the safari dress up game started!

Can you imagine here there, so very close to a family of elephants or to any kind of other wild animals that she definitely had seen only on TV before, under the hot, hot sun, taking lots of and lots of pictures and... looking so very stylish? Is she wearing her fancy leopard print top or her white shirt with a chic leather belt paired with her safari short pants? If you've already played other safari dress up games before, you'll definitely appreciate the super stylish wardrobe prepared for you here! Maybe she's wearing her long strapless army green summer dress or rather her chocolate brown romper paired with a chic safari hat and accessorized with some funky boots? Don't forget about all the other cool safari-related accessories such as binoculars or professional cameras! What about her hairstyle? Is she sporting a trendy asymmetric tomboy kind of haircut or a shoulder-length wavy hairdo?

There are plenty of other great safari dress up games here, on our website for you! Feel free to style up other gorgeous mademoiselles for their great, adventurous safari trips!



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