Rock Band Slacking

This is awesome! Haven't you heard? Naughty little Sarah's has just joined a popular... rock band! That's right, she's the band's new leading singer and guitarist! Even as we speak, Sarah's band is performing on stage in front of a huge crowd of ecstatic fans and it surely looks like fame has slowly... taken over Sarah, it's become a bit overwhelming for her. So, she never misses a chance to... show off, while on stage, trying to win her fans' admiration, getting just a bit too self-centered, forgetting that she's a member of a band after all. Her colleague, that drummer there, in the background, is keeping a close eye on naughty Sarah so that he should catch her when she slacks during the show and warn her. So, the little rock diva is relying on you to watch her back as she enjoys a fun... crowd surfing session, as she exercises her own drum playing skills, as she carries out with her own guitar solo even though her colleagues have not allowed them during this evening's concert, as she updates her social network account with new and new images taken from the concert and so on. It no doubt is one of the catchiest game from all the new slacking games online that you've had the chance to enjoy, right? Do your best to avoid that the spying drummer should catch Sarah while she slacks during their concert!


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