Riley's Inside Out Emotions

Girls, I bet you already know Riley, the cutie from Inside Out! Well, now what you don't know is that you're about to become cute little Riley's new friend, the one who'll help the poor thing understand her emotions better! Since she's sometimes overwhelmed by a mixture of joy and anger, sadness and disgust, she's counting on you to help her cope with all her different emotions better! So, go ahead and assist Riley as she enjoys all kinds of basic daily activities, such as.. having breakfast, and watch her as she's experiences all kinds of emotions, depending on the food combos that you'll prepare fr her. Let's say you'll put together a foodie mix made of... broccoli, ice cream and a slice of yummy, juicy pizza: will she feel sad or rather happy, angry or maybe disgusted when she eats it? Feel free to come up with other crazy, unusual or so very mouth-watering food mixes till you've unlocked all of Riley's main 5 emotions. If definitely is one of those fun games for girls online which easily stands out from the crowd, right? Then, step into her bedroom and help her come up all kinds of fashion combos, too, scanning through her wardrobe, and watch her experience all those totally different emotions once again!

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