Ride My Bicycle

This cute little tiger here is not that much into hunting and stuff like that, but more into... bicycle riding session, you know! Pretty surprised? Well, don't be, for he's not the only one! All his animal friends, too, are crazy about riding their bikes along challenging tracks there, on the field, all the long, if possible! How about joining their bike riding fun session, getting the ride my bicycle game started, and moreover, how about lending them a helping hand at finishing all those tricky circuits while collecting all the flower-shaped bonuses, too, placed along the track?

3...2...1... start! Once you unlock the first level, the adrenaline-rising bicycle race will begin! This tiger biker will start pedaling like no other, confident that he may not possibly fall off his bike, for you'll be using your arrow keys to keep him well balanced while reaching intense speeds! You won't find other bicycle games for girls in the entire online world, that challeng your reaction times and mouse skills to this extent! There you have the stunningly beautiful rainbow in the background, the super lovely butterflies fluttering their wings in the spring sun, but don't think that this tiger's attention will get distracted by this spectacular scenery. No way! He'll roll like no other and keep his eyes on the track for... there are some pretty and points-granting flower bonuses there to pick, too! Would you help him reach the finish line, but not before he's reached his flower bonus target?

Have you played bicycle games for girls only before? Did they feature such cutie cute graphics and engaging, fast-paced gameplay as this one here?

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