Ready for the Beach

If there's a super beach party going on this very evening, if all of the most popular teens in school will be there, lovely Lisa would not miss is for anything in the world, not even if her mother forbids her to go. For this, she's totally relying on you! You'll be her secret ally, the one who'll help her get great for the party, behind her mom's back, of course, and the one helping her not get caught during her “before-the-party” fashion and beauty session! Help Lisa put together her gorgeous make-up look, then lend her a helping hand for styling up her hair, too, then for ironing her chic evening dress, getting her nails painted in a lovely nail polish color and so on. If you play skill games for girls regularly, then you cannot stop growing addicted to this fast-paced one here! During each one of those beautifying and fashionizing little sessions, make sure to keep a close eye on her bedroom room, for her mom could pop up any minutes now and catch her naughty daughter getting ready for the party that she's forbidden her to attend. Enjoy!


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