Rapunzel Washing Clothes

There will be a mega sumptuous ball at the Prince Charming's palace this very evening and poor princes Rapunzel doesn't have even one clean dress to wear! Today it's her laundry day, you know,and since she's running late for this dream ball and she has so many princess outfits to wash, she's hoping you could lend her a helping hand! First of all, help her sort her laundry into two big piles: colored and white clothes! Once you've filled both those laundry baskets, it's time you put them all into the washing machine. Remember to pour the right type of detergent for each one of the 2 categories of clothes! Once they're ready to be taken out of the machine, challenge your memory skills and remember where exactly each one of those fantasy princess fashion items should be hanged, in order to air dry! Could you deny that this is one of the most engaging free simulation games that you've recently played? Match each one of those blank shaped with the corresponding outfit!



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