Rapunzel Hair Doctor

This is awful, poor princess Rapunzel! She used to be famous throughout the fairytale world for her super long, gorgeous silky blond hair, but now, due to her hair and scalp major problems, her once so beautiful hair looks... terrible! You should really work your super skills as a hair doctor for helping her regain her gorgeous long, long healthy hair and her self-esteem, too of course. So, there's no time to lose: rush in to cut her hair and shave her scalp, then grab each one of those special tools put at your disposal, for removing all those nasty greenish infections lingering on Rapunzel's scalp, for reducing the reddish swallows, for removing the ugly looking little bugs carelessly living there and so on. Then, take Rapunzel's hair and scalp treatment to the next level by moving your magnifying glass all over her head and removing all the nasty looking bacteria, then soothe the rashes and all the infected areas on her scalp. Next, you'll even get to work your magic skills, as well, as you’ll pick the potion that princess Rapunzel should drink for restoring her superb, long, long hair as if... by magic!

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