So what if it;s heavily raining outside and this teen stylista has carefully planned her going out, has already imagined herself getting lots and lots of head-turns with her new, super stylish look? Chic fashion does depend on the weather, so how about lifting up her spirit playing the rainy day dress up game and getting her a trendy chic, original look to brave the awful weather outside?

There are so many amazingly chic clothes and accessories in this fashion girl's wardrobe to boost up her self confidence with on a dull, rainy day, that the stylish fashion looks you can come up with are almost endless. Dress her up with a nice, sheer pink darling t-shirt, then pair it with a hot jeans miniskirt or a school girl girly chic pleated miniskirt and a pair of tall leather boots and she's so ready to distract all those passerbys' attention from the annoying rain and draw it upon her original stylish outfit.

Would you give it another try? You could continue the rainy day dress up game with the selection of a babydoll, chic flowery flouncy miniskirt and a cute print t-shirt or a fancy off shoulder top, then complete her lovely look with a chic hairstyle and a colorful, umbrella, of course! Don't neglect any of the details that might just add even more chic style to her look! How about taking a glance at her lovely jewels collection, too? Some sharply colored bracelets and a fancy designer handbag are sure to upgrade her entire look and make her stand out of the crowd of umbrella carriers! Put all your fashion skills to work, be creative and style up this teen fashionsionista helping her face the pouring rain outside in style!

Play the rainy day dress up game and put your talent as a fashion stylist to a test creating the perfect fashion looks to sport on a rainy day!

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