Puppy Dental Care

Oh, look at this poor puppy here! He's been having some terrible toothaches since last evening's dinner, but he's too afraid to go and see a doctor. Only you could turn him into that joyful, playful puppy that he used to be if you decide to put on your imaginary dentist uniform and... work your hocus pocus on his teeth getting them their once so clean, healthy look back. Focus all your attention, as a doctor, on those teeth way too damaged by cavities, or covered in ugly looking calculus, on those not so healthy looking yellow ones and so on. Remove all those nasty looking germs causing bad breath off his teeth, while enjoying what seems to be one of the most engaging dental care games online, replace the ones that cannot be fixed anymore with brand no ones and keep doing your hopcus pocus as a doggy dentist until you get your puppy patient here rid of all the awful tooth probes he's been having for some days.


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