Psycyle Circus

This wacko is far more than just one of the funniest clowns at the circus, but one of the most skillful bike riders there, too! He has even thought about inserting his bike riding tricks into his stage performance no. that he usually presents in front of the audience each week, at the circus. This evening is the first evening that he shows off his bike riding skills in front of the audience, so how about encouraging him and lending him a helping hand getting the psycycle circus bike riding game started?

3...2...1 Go, crazy clown, go! Your wacky-looking friend's frenetic bike race starts as soon as you give your up arrow key the first click! Don't forget to rely on the other arrow keys, too, when keeping his balance on his bike becomes more and more challenging, whenever he faces all sorts of tricky trampolines to ride on or ladders to climb while on his bike. Also, make sure to help him collect all the bonuses scattered on his circus track and... keep him on his bike as long as you can. It's certain: you won't find other bike riding games for girls more challenging and lovely designed as this one here! It won't be easy, for a single instance of inattention is enough for him to bump into one of the trampolines and fall off his bike, but stay focused and control his bike like a pro' helping this crazy, goofy-looking clown make the entire audience grow ecstatic at the sight of his bike riding number!

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