Princess Castle Suite 2

OMG! This dashing princess here is hosting a fun pajama party today and her castle suite is terribly messy (and dirty, too, I could say)! Would you help her clean up her two royal chambers before her princess BFFs start to arrive? Rush in to pick up all those food leftovers and to throw them right into the trashcan, to put all her gorgeous ball gowns back into the closet, again, to make her bed asap, too, to put all her gorgeous glass slippers and her gorgeous handbags back on the shelves again, to pick up all the chairs fallen on the floor and to remove the nasty stains off the carpet, too! Once you've cleaned up and tidied up the first chamber, be quick to get to the next one, as well! It's equally messy, you know, so do your best to get it sparkly clean look before this princess's royal girlfriends start to arrive to her fun pajama party!

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