Princess Beach Rescue

What started as a fun day on the beach, the perfect day for sunbathing and relaxing listening to the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore, has soon turned into a nightmare for this poor princess beauty here: she's had a nasty little accident when she fell asleep, while sunbathing! Now the poor thing's has some severe sunburn injuries, she's got ivy wrapped around her legs, carnivore fishes stuck to them, as well, and where do you add that she's all covered in splinters and that she's terribly dehydrated, as well! Quick, there's no time to waste: cut the ivy wrapped around her legs, using the special scissors that you have there, in the toolbox placed on the right side of your screen, then remove the devilish little fishes stuck to her legs, as well, next master handle the tweezers for removing those splinters, too, then... As a free doctor games for girls fan you'll surely find this first aid giving test here so very engaging! Keep carrying out all the given tasks, using the indicated tool, and give your poor princess patient first aid, just like a real-life doctor would! Enjoy!

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