Primadonna Dancer

You won't find more glamour, more haute couture elegance, mixed with a drop or two of extravagance, like on the red carpet at the Oscar Awards ceremony, that's certain. Do you think you have the right talent to take all that Hollywood glamour and place it all on a... dancer floor? This ravishing dancing queen here loves getting all the attention and looking, while performing her best moves under those dazzling disco balls, just like a trully fabulous red carpet diva, you know. Be her personal stylist, getting the primadonna dancer dress up game started, and turn her into a ravishing, stunning red carpet beauty that will dance the night away and stand out from the crowd exactly like a ravishing, glamorous young actress would.

First of all, you need to decide what type of red carpet look best highlights her natural beauty, her best features. She would look adorable and yet fancy stylish wearing a sequined belted minidress or maybe a strapless full skirt minidreess glamed up with statement golden bracelets or some bold, resplendent chandelier earrings. Now, if you really want to help leave all those in that fancy night club open-mouthed, while still looking so very stylish and elegant, you should definitely dare picking a more extravagant haute couture gown for her. How many of all those Oscar dress up games that you've enjoyed online did really feature so many astonishing, glamoroues designer gowns? A bright red, slightly futuristic looking dress or maybe a metal-made, Lady Gaga fashion-inspired minidress is sure to help her look as astonishing as any other young actress who's going both for the golden trophy and for the admiration of all those fashion critiques scanning her elegant, haute couture red carpet outfit!. Still, she does not necessarily need to shock for looking superb on the dance floor... A snow-white, diaphanous long dress, picked from all those amazing evening gowns put at your disposal in the primadonna dancer dress up game, for instance, paired with a sophisticated high updo or a romantic chic low chignon, completed by some gorgeous glamorous designer heels are sure to help her look astonishingly pretty when she receives the most wanted golden statue in the movie industry.

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