Potato Pork

It may sound like such a complex, challenging recipe to you, but wait until you get the potato pork cooking game started! You'll see that by simply following the precious guidelines given to you there, with a few simple clicks you will have prepared your yummy pork dish in the blink of an eye!

Should we start wit the basics, taking baby steps till we get to the more challenging cooking steps? Then have tones of fun peeling off those on-screen potatoes by simply placing your cursor on the blade there on your screen. It's like...magic! Wouldn't it have been so great if we could prepare our favorite dishes as easily as we do when we're enjoying cool cooking games online? The potatoes get peeled off in no time and you need to get ready for the ingredients picking part now! They will roll at high speed on the right side of the screen and you need to be as quick as possible to drag and drop them onto the oven but only in the indicated sequence. So, are yo ready to test your reaction times? Then, it's potato mashing fun!

Have fun testing your talent as a chef playing the potato pork cooking game and discover all the amazing tips behind this recipe!

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